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Despite a pandemic, creative online engagement continues! On August 12th, artist Clint Imboden interviewed artist, curator, and author Karen Gutreund. The discussion was part of the “Artists of the Resistance” series. Topics included current events, diverse artist practices, and Gutreund’s Not Normal: Art in the Age of Trump book. Art continues to reflect truth!

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Facebook invite: “We’ll be talking about ‘Not Normal: Art in the Age of Trump’—my upcoming book that will be available later next week!! We’ll also be chatting about how my personal work and curatorial projects intersect, my emphasis on feminist art and the origins and processes of my curatorial practice and then hard questions like who are my favorite artists and do I like east coast art or west coast art better…”

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Honored to have DOES YOUR GOD APPROVE? featured in the book (page 47). Description: My art practice investigates symbols of influence and power that impact perception. President Trump revels in his cruel policy of children and infants being held in “Tender Age” shelters a.k.a. tents, cages, and detention centers. Some politicians and leaders contort bible verses into perverted religious interpretations to justify abhorrent behavior. America’s disturbing history cowers under malicious and spurious faith to rationalize slavery, Native American boarding schools, and Japanese-American internments.

DOES YOUR GOD APPROVE?, plastic and aluminum.
In Loving Memory Democracy 1/20/2017, aluminum and steel, Not Normal: Art in the Age of Trump book (page 157).

Gutreund’s website: “Not Normal: Art in the Age of Trump is a visual protest of the Trump administration featuring 142 artists with over 350 works. ‘Art as Activism!’ Artists resist the ‘not normal’ political climate and raise their paintbrushes in protest of #45 on a variety of subjects including xenophobia, racism, misogyny, culture of violence, denying climate change, being a ‘liar liar pants on fire’, the pandemic debacle and just plain general stupidity. While the subject matter is very serious, the art is delivered with an irreverent sense of humor from the participating artists.”


Curating and creating a book takes time. The Not Normal: Art in the Age of Trump book is a labor of love and honesty. Art reflects historical inflection points. Without freedom of speech or expression, democracy rings hollow. Gutfreund: “We are empowering the artists and the writers, we are standing together, we are standing up, and we are not going to be silent.”


Not Normal: Art in the Age of Trump book: