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Last Wednesday, FOUNDANT for Grantmakers facilitated a [Coffee Talk] Grantmaking Revelations from the COVID-19 Pandemic online discussion.  Organizations across the country shared needs, backgrounds, and experiences.  Priorities and navigating funding has changed to support communities.  The work continues!

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From website: “For more than a decade, Foundant Technologies has specialized exclusively in making philanthropy easier and more impactful through intuitive technology solutions.  All of our cloud-based solutions focus on grantmaker, grantseeker, scholarship provider and community foundation needs with the goal to make day-to-day tasks streamlined and help maximize the impact of the philanthropic community.”

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Organizations need to plan ahead and adapt to crisis.  From invite: “The first wave of funding in response to COVID-19 was largely distributed to nonprofits and businesses for emergency general operating support.  As with other emergency situations of national or global scale, successive waves of funding often move beyond immediate needs.”

The discussion addressed these key questions:

  1. How is second wave funding adapting to lessons learned and community needs revealed by the pandemic?
  2. What changes in strategy have been caused by data revealing the disproportionate effects of COVID-19 on vulnerable populations?
  3. How can funders move beyond normal and use the current crises to get better?
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Participants discussed honest discussions with boards, collaboration strategies with organizations, and being aware of the funder experience.  In addition, technical assistance and accurate data is needed. Exposure is now exclusively online!

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The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon.  How will organizations continue?  Artist Yoko Ono: “Art is a way of survival.”  For artists, we learned to adapt since the beginning of time.