Irene Wibawa.

Throughout humanity, artists have consistently confronted political and social issues.  From revolution to human rights activism, artists reflect the truths of our world.  COVID-19 will be recorded in human history as an inflection point.  Art is the canary in the coal mine.

Tony Tamayo.
Malik Seneferu.

For many years, I was a volunteer on the Richmond Arts & Culture Commission and Public Art Advisory Committee.  Advocacy and supporting local artists is top priority.  When Bridge Storage and ArtSpace contacted me for an exhibition, it was such an honor.  It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase the amazing talent in Richmond!  As a result, the Bridge the Ballot curation will become a reality this Fall.

Richard Muro Salazaar.
Robin D. López.

Bridge the Ballot concept:

2020 will be a consequential presidential election amplifying the responsibility of one’s vote.  Prospective candidates have been extensively campaigning across the nation highlighting diverse ideologies.  Political advertisements overwhelmingly inundate our lives from social media to postal flyers.  While national narratives develop, Bridge the Ballot connects the personal experience and issues important to Richmond artists.  The exhibition extends the platform beyond super PACs and propaganda back to the people.

Located near the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, the Bridge the Ballot exhibition is sponsored by Bridge Storage and ArtSpace, a community partner and leader for the arts in Richmond.

Participating artists include Jenny E. Balisle, Tiffany Conway, Rebeca Garcia-Gonzalez, A’aron Heard, Tatiana López, Robin D. López, Richard Muro Salazaar, Malik Seneferu, Tony Tamayo, and Irene Wibawa.

Tatiana López.
A’aron Heard.
Rebeca Garcia-Gonzalez.

6 months.  That is when Bridge the Ballot will be on display.  The world as we know it will be forever altered.  Artists will continue to document our greatest fears and hopes.

Tiffany Conway.

Bridge the Ballot.  Bridge Storage and ArtSpace.  Richmond, CA. Sept. 1 – Nov. 7, 2020.

Bridge the Ballot flyer.


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