Artist Elaine Coombs.

Last Saturday was a special visit to Imagery Estate Winery in Glen Ellen.  The day included a wine tasting, label reveal, and exhibit featuring the amazing artist Elaine Coombs.  As a workaholic discovering self-care, it was truly a coveted experience.  Great art and wine is a winning combination!

Coombs artwork and label.

From the website: “Imagery Winery prides itself on quality and taste.  So much so that it has informed one of our most important pairings yet, wine and art.  Imagery Winery infuses art throughout your experience, from unique artwork replicated on every label, to the tasting room, and the dedicated on-site art gallery, featuring label artwork commissioned from some of the world’s most notable contemporary artists.  The entire collection has over 500 artworks by over 300 artists.  Currently, around 60 pieces are on view in the gallery.”

Imagery Wines.

Artists Heather Patterson, Anastasia Pelias, and Bob Nugent incorporate abstracted marks and elements inspired by the winery.  Patterson’s website: “Focusing on human impact on the environment, my work is a documentation of the forever changing elements in the natural topography of our landscape.  I recreate geographic patterns that I find, and then layer them to make up a new series of abstracted terrain…”

Heather Patterson.
Anastasia Pelias.
Bob Nugent.

Enrique Chagoya and Lora Fosberg are visual storytellers.  The artworks are a respite expanding our reality into an Alice in Wonderland setting.  Fosberg’s statement at Hyde Park Art Center: “I utilize metaphor, memory, iconography, and narrative in my work to express the complexities as well as the banalities of our existence.  My intent is to create a universal language using symbols, iconography, and text derived from everyday life, thus enabling me to reach a wider audience.”

Enrique Chagoya.
Lora Fosberg.

Recently, I’ve been asked to design an Imagery Estate Winery label.  It’s an honor to be part of an impressive roster of artists.  As a result, I will be working on an artwork inspired by the Parthenon structure at Benziger Family Winery (sister winery).  July 15th is the deadline to be on this year’s vintage!


The final artwork has to be a horizontal (with specific dimensions) to properly fit the label.  Inspiration photos and sketches have started.  My artistic forecast includes dramatic lines and patterns.  The Parthenon’s signature architectural elements will highlight the DNA of nature.  A prefect pairing indeed!




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  1. Hi Jenny, Congratulations on your upcoming wine label with Imagery! I am also an Imagery artist, 2014 Lagrein (limited cases produced). It was such a fun experience and I was so honored to be a part of it. The original piece was hanging in the members’ lounge. The title is “Say Hello to Good Fortune”. I credit you and AAU for playing a part in my success! MFA, Fine Art Graduate 2013.

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