Today is the opening reception for In God We Trust: Reflections on Religion in America exhibition at Hera Gallery and Educational Foundation in Wakefield, Rhode Island!  My artwork DOES YOUR GOD APPROVE? was selected by juror and museum curator Nezka Pfeifer.  Recently, the venue asked participating artists to answer a series of insightful questions.  As a result, I wanted to share a few examples!

DOES YOUR GOD APPROVE?, plastic and aluminum.

What do you want people to walk away with after experiencing your work?

When creating art, the focus is how to best implement a concept.  Viewers have diverse backgrounds and to predict reactions can be a challenge.  The goal is share a researched perspective that explores a version of truth.  The art is a tool for communication by facilitating conversation and fostering awareness.

TRUTH, book.

What does it mean to you to participate in Hera an exhibiting artist for the In God We Trust exhibition?

Equality in the art world circumvents reality.  In a recent The New York Times article titled Female Artists Made Little Progress in Museums Since 2008, Survey Finds, the byline is clear: “In the past decade, only 11 percent of all work acquired by the country’s top museums was by women.”  Artists must support and participate in venues that encourage diversity and critical thinking!

In God We Trust: Reflections on Religion in America explores how faith permeates our culture.  The exhibition becomes a vigorous investigation beyond aesthetics.  My artwork DOES YOUR GOD APPROVE? serves as a historical marker to how the perversion of religion justifies abhorrent behavior and policy today.  It’s an honor to exhibit at HERA gallery whose legacy is rooted in education and advocacy.

DOES YOUR GOD APPROVE?, digital sketch.

To read more about the In God We Trust: Reflections on Religion in America participating artists, here’s Hera Gallery’s blog!: https://heragallery.blogspot.com/

Postcard front.

In God We Trust: Reflections on Religion in America.  Hera Gallery and Educational Foundation.  Wakefield, RI.  October 12 – November 16, 2019.







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