TRUTH, animation still.

Equality in the art world continues to be elusive.  In a recent The New York Times article titled Female Artists Made Little Progress in Museums Since 2008, Survey Finds, the byline speaks loudly: “In the past decade, only 11 percent of all work acquired by the country’s top museums was by women.”  Artists must create and participate in venues that support women!

TRUTH, animation still.

Since 1992, Woman Made Gallery in Chicago has been consistent leader.  The gallery’s mission: “Woman Made Gallery’s vision is to ensure the equal placement of women’s art in the world.”  As an artist for almost twenty years, the Truth as a Contested Concept at Woman Made Gallery was a priority exhibit to apply for.

TRUTH, animation still.

From the artist call: “We used to think of ‘truth’ as being absolute.  That our choices were binary.  But today “truth” is a contested concept. [how so?]  One of the many questions that come up is whether truth is subject to human interpretation.  Does truth change according to circumstances so that what is true for a particular time is not true at a different time?   Does this mean that truth for one person may not necessarily be the same for everyone?  If this is the case then can anyone really know “the truth”?  The juror is interested in creating a dialog around what we consider truth to be. Do we feel that truth is important?  Does the constant wearing away of our belief in truth jeopardize our well being?”

TRUTH, animation still.

Indira Freitas Johnson was the juror for Truth as a Contested Concept.  She is an international artist, educator, and Shanti Foundation for Peace founder.  Johnson selected my animation TRUTH for the upcoming exhibit.

TRUTH, animation still.

TRUTH description: Alternative realities bypass the principles of American democracy.  The word TRUTH is transformed representing that its definition can take many forms- from supporting facts based on evidence to speaking against hate.  The Georgia font is the same used by The New York Times.  Citizens must continue to support the freedom of the press over the rejection of logic.

Artists have the ability to pool together limited resources.  Impact can be delivered by applying to specific artist calls.  If museums don’t accurately reflect the populations they serve, we must shift the approach.  It’s time to strengthen relationships and support new structures.  This is our truth!

TRUTH, animation still.

Truth as a Contested Concept.  Woman Made Gallery.  Chicago, IL.  November 3-23, 2019


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