Friday evening was the sold-out 50|50 Preview Fundraiser at the Sanchez Art Center.  As an exhibiting artist for almost twenty years, the event was packed with artists and collectors.  The energy was overwhelming supportive and engaging.  This was the place to be!

Jenny E. Balisle, HERSTORY.

From the venue: “Eleven years ago, Sanchez Art Center took a chance on a new concept for a very large show of very small works, called the 50|50 Show.  The idea is that participating artists create 50 small artworks in 50 days—a challenging creative journey, to say the least!  With its fantastic display of originality and the affordability of the artworks, this highly anticipated exhibition at Sanchez Art Center is known throughout the greater Bay Area and beyond.  We are extremely pleased at the show’s success and hope you will join us for the ticketed Preview Fundraiser and/or the Open-Door Reception on Aug 30.”

Kristen Brown, An Exercise in Mindfulness.

62 artists created 50 artworks in 50 days.  Pieces ranged from minimalist expressions to realistic portraits.  Whatever your style preference, Sanchez Art Center had it in impressive organization order and display!

Winnie Storey, Childhood from Hong Kong to San Francisco.

Interaction with the environment morphs into three-dimensional reality in Haoyun Erin Zhao, Clare Szydlowski, and Kimberley D’Adamo’s artworks.  According to Szydlowski: “Visually I am drawn to spaces that expose American dreams, desires, and hopes: industrial ruins, oversize discount stores, suburban developments, freeways–the hinterlands of American life.”

Haoyun Erin Zhao, If Rocks Could Remember.
Clare Szydlowski, Neighborhood Shadows.
Kimberley D’Adamo Green, Irreplaceable.

Rebuilding the structures of inequality and perception can be found in work of artists Cynthia Rettig, Diana Corvelle, and Andrea Rosenman.  From Corvelle’s website: “What began as an extended autobiographical series has since expanded to include the personal narratives of close friends and family members.  By sharing the intimate details of their lives with me, the process of conceiving a piece has become a rich, collaborative effort.”

Cynthia Rettig, Dollhouse Miniatures Mirror Objects and Space that Shape Our Life.
Diana Corvelle, #MeToo.
Andrea Rosenman, Repairing the Fabric of Our Country.

My artworks represent a tribute to remarkable, influential, and trailblazing women from herstory.  The concept is inspired by how Lady Justice is a symbol of impartiality in our judicial system.  Standard custom polymer braille signs become repurposed altering function.  Extensive research resulted in writings about each individuals.  As a result, the artworks highlight leaders, innovators, artists, whistle-blowers, advocates, activists, and martyrs!

Jenny E. Balisle, HERSTORY.

The 50|50 exhibit will be on view till September 22nd at the Sanchez Art Center. Once a work sells, it leaves with the collector that day.  As a result, please visit the exhibit before all 3,000 works are gone from public view!


50|50.  Sanchez Art Center.  Pacifica, CA.  August 30 – September 22, 2019.