VOTE, clear braille on polymer, part of The Feminist Opposition! exhibit at Hera Gallery in 2017.

In 2016, my braille art pieces were first created and shared.  The Feminist Opposition! exhibit at Hera Gallery first showcased VOTE.  The artworks have been featured at the New Britain Museum of America Art, ARC Gallery, Arena 1 Gallery, Site:Brooklyn, A&A at Hillyer, Sulfur Studios, UICA, GearBox Gallery, Campus Branch Library in Berlin, and many others.  Today, the body of work continues.

HEATHER HEYER, SANDRA BLAND, and JAKELIN CAAL MAQUIN part of the Breaching the Margins exhibit at the UICA in Grand Rapids, MI.

The braille pieces are part of the upcoming 50|50 exhibition at the Sanchez Art Center.  My proposal is to create fifty braille artworks as a tribute to remarkable, influential, and trailblazing women from herstory.  On Monday, installation begins with the helpful assistance from Norton Fine Art Handling.  Everything is in order and ready to go.


Prep for installation includes having an artwork identification chart, biography, statement, and descriptions.  Artists are giving thorough instructions and information to follow.  Sanchez Art Center has been one of the most professional venues I’ve ever worked with.


HERSTORY examples:

RUTH BADER GINSBURG: U.S. Supreme Court Justice, first female member of Harvard Law Review, graduated first in class at Columbia Law School, and advocate for gender equality, worker’s rights, and the separation of church and state.


TARANA BURKE: Civil rights activist, Girls for Gender Equity Senior Director, and original founder of the “Me Too” movement.


EMMA GONZALEZ: American activist, gun control advocate, Never Again MSD co-founder, and Variety 2018 Power of Women honoree.


ALAA MURABIT: The Voice of Libyan Women and The Omnis Institute founder, Meritorious Service Cross recipient, 17 Global Sustainable Development Goal Advocate, United Nations High-Level Commissioner on Health Employment & Economic Growth, and medical doctor.


MEGAN RAPINOE: Professional American soccer player who helped the U.S. win the 2015 & 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup as well as the gold in the 2012 London Olympics, and advocate for equal rights on gender, race, or sexual preference.


The sold-out preview fundraiser is Friday Aug. 30th from 6-8pm and open to the public from 8-9:30pm:


Ruth Bader Ginsberg: “Women will have achieved true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation.”  The 50|50 exhibition offers the opportunity for exposure and impartiality.  2019 marks another year for the braille pieces to highlight Lady Justice as inspiration.  Art reflects democracy and supports creative output.

50|50.  Sanchez Art Center.  Pacifica, CA.  August 30 – September 22, 2019.