Poems For A Gentle Person.

In 1981, I illustrated my father Mike Balisle’s Poems For A Gentle Person book.  These memories have manifested into a teacher residency at the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA).  The opportunity highlights the relationship between poet father as inspiration and daughter as artist.


From CIA’s website: “Each year the Cleveland Institute of Art seeks to bring together a diverse group of art educators who have demonstrated a commitment to making, both in their personal studio and classroom.  The residency creates a stimulating and rigorous environment for a period of concentrated artistic creation, interaction and growth.”


The Poems For A Gentle Person residency explores how animations and drawings respond to rhythmic patterns.  The intention is a series of abstract animations and drawings documenting my father’s spoken word and poetry.  Mediums include a digital collection along with pen and ink artworks.


Overall, my art investigates diverse relationships within natural and manmade environments.  As a multidisciplinary artist, my practice incorporates drawings, sculpture, site-specific installations, objects, digital, video, and audio.  The goal is to identify how patterns and symbols of influence impact perception, history, and truth.

Mike Balisle: “This book is dedicated to my daughter Jenny. Publication of these poems and drawing occurred around Christmas of 1981.”

According to the venue: “As a resident artist-educator you will develop a new, personal body of work with the support of an instructor in the studio.  You’ll work independently, meet with a mentor for conceptual and material development, and participate in group critiques to enrich your practice.  Professional development seminars are scheduled with partner institutions to enhance art room curriculum.  At the end of the program, you’ll showcase the work created during your ten days at CIA, with an opening and reception open to the greater community.”


Time to unplug and focus in “American’s North Coast” (Cleveland).  Poems For A Gentle Person is an ongoing and artistic journey.  A mark translates a word literally and phonetically.  Let the games begin!




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