On Friday afternoon, I made the journey to the REFLECTIVITY – Artists on Climate Change exhibit at the Healdsburg Center for the Arts.  The non-profit organization has been dedicated to promoting the arts since 1993.  While art fairs reflect a climate based on commodification, communities are working together dedicated to uplifting us all.


From the Healdsburg Center For the Arts: “The science is overwhelming.  Artists reflect on and respond to mankind’s most urgent global issue, Climate Change.  Their vision is our looking glass that clarifies this pressing condition with the hope of inspiring solutions.  Healdsburg Center for the Arts proudly presents visions to inspire in this special exhibit.”

Fire Disturbance, Saskia Krafft.
Portrait of Buffy Sainte Marie, Tara Daly.
I Can’t Breathe, Daniel McCarthy.
Ripple Effect, Brooke Bartlebort.

The three jurors for the exhibit were Joanne Dominick DeFlorio, Lisa Zwerling, and Michael Schwager.  DeFlorio is an artist, educator, and Emmy award winner.  Zwerling is an international artist with museum exhibitions and artworks in numerous collections.  Schwager is currently the Director at the SSU Art Gallery and Professor of Art History.


Two of my artworks were include in the exhibit.  One was CLIMATE CHANGE, a standard braille sign that was repurposed to alter its function.  Overall, the art serves as a marker questioning how special interests have weakened the natural environment.  Citizens must not blindly follow but question, organize, and demand the highest standards preserving planet Earth.

CLIMATE CHANGE, clear braille on polymer.

CLIMATE CHANGE (plastic and aluminum) description: President Donald Trump decided to withdraw the USA from the Paris Climate Agreement.  According to Trump: “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese to order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”  The rest of the world will lead fighting to make planet Earth habitable for future generations.  Meanwhile, America will be swimming under its own ignorance and denial of science.  The Union of Concerned Scientists predict by 2100 the high-end global average range of sea level rise could be 78 inches.

CLIMATE CHANGE, plastic and aluminum.

At the Healdsburg Center for the Arts, it’s the dedicated volunteers that support meaningful exhibits such as REFLECTIVITY – Artists on Climate Change.  Value extends beyond an investment portfolio.  Exhibits that speak to the human experience educate and inspire positive change!


REFLECTIVITY – Artists on Climate Change.  Healdsburg Center for the Arts.  Healdsburg, CA. April 20 – June 2, 2019.