On Tuesday, the Firehouse Art Center in Pleasanton provided a Coffee with a Curator discussion.  Sitting on a bow tie shaped coach, Visual Arts and Gallery Curator Alena Sauzade interviewed curator Virginia Tominia discussing the upcoming FRESH WORKS IX.  Tominia juried the exhibition highlighting emerging and established artists from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Virginia Tominia and Alena Sauzade.

From the Firehouse Art Center: “Since 1999, Virginia has worked as a fine art consultant in Atlanta and California, developing collections for hospitality, corporate and health care clients throughout the United States and abroad.  Virginia holds a BA in art history with a focus on contemporary art, and a minor in sculpture and philosophy.  Early on, she carved her way as a fine artist, exhibiting in local and international art spaces.  In addition to her work as Senior Art Consultant and Managing Director of Chandra Cerrito / Art Advisors, Virginia is also Managing Director of Chandra Cerrito Contemporary which she helped open in 2007, and through which she has facilitated over 50 gallery exhibitions.”


The Firehouse Arts Center provided the juror with a PowerPoint presentation featuring over 500 images.  The process was blind without personal artist information.  Tominia started by viewing each piece and taking notes.  A theme developed with the final selections highlighting a “spaciousness” and “singular subject matter in composition.”


As the talk continued, engaged visitors asked thoughtful questions.  Topics ranged from the juror’s intent to securing opportunities.  Artist advice included avoiding poor image cropping and incorrect information.  Overall, Tominia stressed “…don’t let your mind get in your mind.”

OPTIC 7, pen and ink.

Two of my artworks are featured in FRESH WORKS IX: LINE (a video animation) and OPTIC 7 (pen and ink drawing).  LINE explores how line can be skewed and altered through intention and thought.  The artwork mimics a human nervous system in which a synapse permits a neuron to relay an electrical signal.  LINE investigates the cognitive ability to learn, adjust, and impact behavior by exposing new and repurposed intention.  OPTIC 7 is inspired by the extensive network of fiber-optic cables on the Earth’s ocean floors.

According to the Firehouse Arts Center Gallery Curator Alena Szuzade: “We are looking for a juror with an eye.”  The opening reception is Saturday April 27th from 1-3pm.   Don’t miss this year’s vision!