NOT YOUR SEX OBJECT, Temescal Studios.

Friday evening was two art openings!  The cities of Oakland and Alameda lead once again.  Accessible art truly has inclusive impact.  Artists and advocates reclaim exhibition opportunities by facilitating new ones.  Current business models lack the supportive structures creatively and financially for artists.  In Bob Dylan’s words: The Times They Are A Changin’.

Temescal Studios.

The night started with EvE: Empowerment vs. Exploitation at Temescal Studios in Oakland.  The Tea Roots’ organization first opened the exhibition at Warehouse 416.  The artworks highlight gender-based issues from discrimination to objectification.  From Oakland Art Murmur’s website: “Temescal Studios, founded in 2015, is a woman-led artist community and gallery dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices to promote a more sustainable, economically just, artistically dynamic Oakland.  Temescal Studios operates with a member-based model of 8-12 artists who work out of the studio full-time.  We offer artist showcases and art programming at free and sliding scales with the intention of making sustainable for the artist, accessible to the student, and available to the community.”

The Space.

Next stop was The White Cube Challenge at The Space in Alameda.  The concept of the exhibit was to expand the definition of the traditional white cube.  From paintings to a video, twenty-nine artists responded in unique and diverse interpretations.  The Space’s website: “Founded in 2019, The Space is a multi functional art studio, gallery, school and website dedicated to Art and Pop Culture located in Alameda, CA…We are focused on creating an atmosphere of creativity, we want to bridge the gap between High Art and culture by rethinking how art is presented, taught, marketed, and sold…”

The White Cube Challenge.
Kevin Moore, The Space.

My video animation was featured in the exhibit.  CUBE description: My art practice investigates symbols of influence and power that impact perception.  Human behavior adapts and depends on a digital process.  A data cube represents a one, two, three, or higher dimensional array of values in computer programming.  Cube cells store interests or facts by creating distinct computer languages. CUBE mimics the management, retrieval, and manipulation of information.  The artwork stretches and converts data bypassing traditional language and aesthetics.

The art world perpetuates a monolithic culture to protect investments.  Empowerment includes acknowledging a system built on privilege.  Organizations and venues like Tea Roots, Warehouse 16, Temescal Studios, and The Space provide artists with a chance.  Artists welcome the opportunity!


EvE: Empowerment vs. Exploitation, Temescal Studios, April 5-13 2019, Oakland, CA.

The White Cube Challenge, The Space, April 2019, Alameda, CA.