In the month of March, my artworks stretch from Italy to South Korea.  Far away becomes closer with just one click.  Opportunity expands beyond borders.  Art continues to unite despite political turmoil at home and abroad.

EARTH (CICA museum image).

The ABSTRACT MIND 2019 exhibit at the CICA Museum in Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea is featuring three of my video works: OPTIC 2, BLACK OPTIC 2, and EARTH.  Participating artists include: Allison Baker, Oli Berg, Ioana Boros, Lauren Cardenas, Kris Casey, Jong-un Choi, Mary Crenshaw, Adrienne Defendi, Jade Annalise Gaskin, Silvia Giordani, Jun-Yuan Hong, Brandon Hudson, Spyros Kouvaras, Constanze Kratzsch, Arnaud Laffond, Heather Joy Layton, Antonio Lechuga, Joshua Mason, Rose Materdomini, David Mrugala, Musayeva Nazrin, Joseph O’Neill, Ryan Oswald, Gianfranco Spada, Carolyn Stockbridge, Mona Young-eun KIM, Lucie Techer, Fabiano Vicentini, Wiebke Maria Wachmann, Kira Walz, Elizabeth Williams, Ara Ko, KIM Deokhan, Yeonsoo Kim, Jiae Park, Jiin Ha, Huh jung, Hyewon Hahn, Emma Hong, and myself.

OPTIC 2 (CICA museum image).
BLACK OPTIC 2 (CICA museum image).

OPTIC 2 and BLACK OPTIC 2 description: The video installations visualize how information traverses through fiber-optic cables on the ocean’s floors.  The cables work similarly like a human nervous system in which a synapse permits a neuron to relay an electrical signal.  As a result, it inspired a series of pen and ink drawings titled OPTIC.  The artworks stretch and convert data into a pure linear form bypassing traditional language.  My interest grew to incorporating real-time movement to the OPTIC drawings.  Working patiently with a pen and ruler, I made a conscious effort to be present with the process.  The goal was to reconcile human behavior with an adaptable digital process.  As a result, the research on how to merge a dependent but binary relationship was born.  The OPTIC 2 drawing becomes translated digitally to showcase its contortion through various network hubs.



EARTH description: Fascinated by flight or disorientation, I merge together disparate experiences to establish new narratives.  The video installation highlights Earth’s fragility and how humans have altered its balance.  The NASA imagery is the satellite view of the Americas from Earth Day on April 22, 2014.  The artwork contorts our planet from an unidentified foreign perspective questioning the complicity of its inhabitants.  Despite Earth’s beauty and provider of life status, global citizens must not allow greed to become the fatal blow.  Currently, there is no alternative planet for humankind.


The Floating Collection at Ospizio Giovani Artisti in Rome, Italy features the OPTIC 2 video installation along with canvas print stills.  The exhibit highlights the works of artists: Nicholas Bertini, Davidd d’Addario, Werther Germondari, Lane Last, Matthew Pell, Hiroya Sakurai, and myself.

OPTIC 2 video and canvas print stills (Ospizio Giovani Artisti image).

The audience for my art thrives beyond my backyard.  I’m perfectly content with that reality.  When disparate locations become connected through art, that’s true success…

OPTIC 2 canvas print stills. (Ospizio Giovani Artisti image).

ABSTRACT MIND 2019, CICA Museum, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, March 8-24, 2019.

The Floating Collection, Ospizio Giovani Artisti, Rome, Italy, March 12-23, 2019.