Pure Beauty, Oil on Canvas (incorporates bone ash and marble dust), 10.6″h X 8″ w, 2019.

As the world rotates into an unresolved identity crisis, one finds respite in the paintings of Tibor Simon-Mazula.  Flashpoints become poignant reminders of humanity’s fragility.  With each measured brushstroke, Pure Beauty delivers truth beyond surface to make sense of existence.

The artworks highlight internal hope and conflict.  The physicality of the painting process offers refuge while exposing the scars of experience.  Bone ash literally engulfs the compositions of everyday fragments.  Ancestors spoke this language and today the translation evolves.

Stretching #1, Oil on Canvas (incorporates bone ash, marble dust and alum), 36″h x 60″w, 2015.

Line continues to record history.  From Blombos Cave to metadata collection, marks retrieve and convert memories.  For Tibor, painting breathes with splashes and scratches.  The artist carefully crafts each scene similar to a critically acclaimed mystery or novella.

Color becomes a sincere discussion of sadness and hope.  The hazing of smoky greys blanket translucent areas of life.  Perspective becomes diluted and numb to the external world.  Limited color highlights personal strength and resolve.

Bath #2, Oil on Canvas (incorporates bone ash, marble dust and alum), 24″h x 36″w, 2013.

Tibor revisits patterns of isolation searching for connection.  The systems of communication between subject and environment harmoniously work.  Active and resting areas mirror a cohesive fabric of interconnectivity.  Similarly, cells of diverse sizes and shapes make life.

Bedroom #1, Oil on Canvas (incorporates bone ash, marble dust and alum), 48″h X 72″w, 2012.

Through a cinematic approach, Tibor’s presence is all encompassing.  Beauty is subject to interpretation.  The paintings mysteriously perch from a bird’s eye view reaffirming the structures of society.  The artist’s instinct is free expression.

Jenny E. Balisle

*The above writing to be featured in artist Tibor Simon-Mazula’s upcoming “Pure Beauty” book.  Stay tuned…