Last Monday morning, I was walking my sassy golden retriever Tule.  There’s no doubt, his energy equals the stamina of Olympic athletes.  Speed isn’t my forte but endurance is my specialty.  However, this day our routine encountered a different path.  Today would be a metaphor for life and dignity- in the form of one sweet and innocent soul.

Approaching our normal walking path, it was blocked due to road construction.  Maneuvering through equipment and barriers, the manager generously offered all work to stop for us to pass.  With a thumbs up, I politely declined.  Tule loves adventures even if small in nature.


Tule started to steer off the road then slowing down and gently crawling, until lying down on a sea of tall dried yellow grass.  At first glance, it was just another dumping of garbage on the side of the road.  However, a dog under a jacket near a steel bucket emerged motionless void of life.

Then a twitch of the ears…


Immediately, I called Contra Costa County Animal Services Department for assistance.  My husband quickly arrived with water and food.  The sweet dog started to show life erratically by shaking uncontrollably while cuddling closer to kindness.






When Animal Services arrived, the wonderful officer gently lifted the dog.  Asking if everything would be ok, the pup would be taken to the department’s in-house vets.  My heart sank at the officer’s expression struggling to stay positive.


When calling Animal Services the next day, I was hoping for a miracle.  According to the report, the little girl started to have uncontrollable seizures.  The injuries were consistent of road rash including a head injury and eye detached from the cornea.  The summary indicated that this seemed consistent to being thrown from a vehicle.  As a result, the doctor had to euthanize the sweet girl.


While, I only knew this angel for a few hours my heart was captured.  My hope is that we provided some sense of humanity.  Out of trauma this little beacon of light arrived.  A fleeting moment formed a deep and permanent bond.  One existence can make a difference: one angel at a time.

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