Recently, I ordered the Art of the Deal book by Donald J. Trump.  Flipping through the pages, my mind started to reconcile the reality of current leadership.  Words and intention do matter.  Studying each page and scouring meaning, the memoir is a delusional yet accurate manifesto of greed delivered by an outsourced author.  How does art speak to a narrative devoid of truth?


The amazon five-star reviews provide a perspective outside of the blue state bubble.  One reader declared the book as required reading with: “Interesting insight into the driving force behind the Presidents accomplishments.  This book should be required reading in all grade schools.”  While another commentator declared: “Awesome book!  I’m so tired of hearing all the haters spew their hate, and this is the perfect book to read in a public place :).”


Overall, the reviews showcased diverse political ideologies.  An one-star amazon commentator warned: “Avoid this book like the plague.  Not one page contains any insight on anything remotely helpful.  It is a garbage collection of tall tales from an insufferable human being.”  Overall, the poor reviews were humorous and depressing.  My favorite was a minimalistic summary in presentation and sentiment: “He sucks  No substance  Boring.”

An artist’s Art of the Deal review:


My art practice investigates symbols of influence and power that impact perception.  President Trump’s bravado of tweets and lackluster governing blares of hollow rhetoric.  Trump equates excessive exaggerations to “truthful hyperbole” while special counsel Robert Mueller collects evidence.  The word TRUTH burns and penetrates the Art of the Deal book exposing its contents leaving a scar.  No deal, citizen, or president is above the law.



How will special counsel Robert Mueller’s review the Art of the Deal?  Only time will tell and hopefully the fundamental principles of democracy prevail.  Truth is the best border wall to external and internal interference.  While facts and reality are frivolous notions to current leadership, I will continue to have faith.  That is all we have left…