Since 2014, I’ve served on the Richmond Arts and Culture Commission (RACC).  The RACC is the advocate and serving art body serving the incredible community of Richmond.  The commission recently had an election for new executive committee positions.  Candidates were asked to share experiences and goals before voting.  Running for Chair, I came prepared and hopeful taking nothing for granted.


Being an art geek and educator, I created a handout detailing my background and experience.  In addition, shared a vision along with future goals for the RACC.  Leading means providing a transparent overview of intentions.  This was an honest attempt and effort at clarity.


My RACC tenure includes organizing volunteers to reinstate the Neighborhood Public Art Mini-Grants when funding was eliminated.  The last four years has been researching information, creating presentation materials, and writing policy.  In addition, I’ve met with city officials, and initiated advocacy campaigns to pass the Public Art in Private Development Ordinance despite internal and external pushback.


The scope of my advocacy includes being a Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) member since 2015.  The learning curve has been tremendous and inspiring.  Understanding the technical aspects of Richmond arts policy and implementation is key to change.


My hope for the RACC is to ensure the proper implementation of the Public Art in Private Development Ordinance by strengthening arts infrastructures.  In addition, vet policies for an equal, supportive, and positive environment for discussion.  Also, a goal is to implement an outreach plan to Richmond’s youth and diverse neighborhoods by identifying key art allies.

Opportunities need to be secure for every community in Richmond.

Close-up of Youth Voice and Community Empowerment Mural by Veronica Orozco/RYSE Center.

When voting ended, I was elected Chair.  It was a humbling experience and thankful.  Positive and meaningful change is worth the time and effort.  Let’s work together to defend and protect the arts in Richmond for everyone.

Ready, set, and go!

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2 thoughts on “CHAIR

  1. Jenny, no one has ever worked so hard to take on that chair. I’m impressed, and thrilled that the RACC has such a strong leader in place. You are simply awesome.


    True patriotism springs from a belief in the dignity of the individual, freedom and equality not only for Americans but for all people on earth, universal brotherhood and good will, and a constant and earnest striving toward the principles and ideals on which this country was founded. -Eleanor Roosevelt, diplomat, author, and lecturer (1884-1962)

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