Current political movements forecast stormy headwinds.  My prediction is that 2018 is going to be the year of the woman.  When we unite and organize, women can achieve anything and everything.  Last Saturday was the 11th Annual Sisters in Solidarity event at the Richmond Memorial Convention Center.  Excellence and togetherness collided transcending barriers.  Investing in our future is a productive and meaningful venture.


Councilmember Jovanka Beckles guided the event while offering words of wisdom.  Beckles has been a Richmond councilmember since 2010 serving as a vice mayor and working on numerous commissions.  She has been a tireless champion of justice for all communities.  Currently, Beckles is running for Assembly District 15 as a “corporate money free” and “people powered candidate.”  After witnessing firsthand Jovanka’s compassion and strength, she has my support!

Jovanka Beckles.



The program opened with a prayer from Courtney Cummings of the Native American Health Center.  Rashon Seldon delivered a compelling and poignant spoken word performance.  Max Dashu presented an incredible comprehensive collection of women’s history.  Prayer, art, and information empowers!


The incredible Diana Becton spoke at the event.  Her impressive career includes being a judge, lawyer, and manager.  Last September, Becton became the 25th District Attorney for Contra Costa County breaking barriers by being the first woman and African-American to hold the office.  Becton: “Too long women have been silenced.”

Diana Becton.

Attendees mingled over sponsor tables learning about local resources and services.  Shortly afterwards, comedian Shea Sugar delivered honest and authentic humor.  A MeToo Movement presentation reminded the audience that struggle and despair can transform into action.  Vocalist Ms. Geri Whitmore sang the praises of solidarity.  Strength was here to stay.

Richmond Arts & Culture Commission.


ART matters!

Richmond councilmember Ada Marisol Recinos shared stories of identity, activism, and opportunity.  Her experience includes being a nonprofit consultant, Financial Sustainability Director, researcher, strategist, and organizer.  Recinos: “You might not be into politics but politics is so into you.”


The day ended with attendees holding hands and forming a large circle.  Cheering on the future, the energy was determined not to fade.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from.  Everyone was a sister in solidarity!