For whom does art speak for?  The arc of history has neglected the voices and perspectives for all.  If structures lack inclusiveness, then platforms must be supported and created.  Commodification can blind humanity.  As a female artist, opportunities must be meaningful to protect legacy and time.

Mamba Girl by Mary Nash.

Last week, was the Art Speaks! Lend Your Voice exhibit at Arena 1 Gallery in Santa Monica.  Flying into the Burbank airport, I was greeted by the fabulous artist Lea Feinstein.  Formerly of the San Francisco Bay Area, Feinstein provided a private studio tour featuring artworks for her upcoming exhibit Lea Feinstein: Everything and Nothing.

Light (Feinstein studio).

From Feinstein’s press release: “Rendered in discarded housepaint on Tyvek (a vapor barrier for new construction), the paintings pack an emotional and symbolic wallop that supersedes their humble materials.  The artist describes her collages as ‘the chatter of the unconscious mind’, comparing them to the scrolling line at the bottom of the TV news–an undercurrent that enhances and unsettles the Big Picture.”

Lea Feinstein: Everything and Nothing.

Excellence is easy for Feinstein.  Years of wisdom and life experience sweep from one mark to another.  Literary lines mimic the urban and natural environments of Los Angeles.  The light is different and shines through color and space.  The City of Angels is lucky to have Lea Feinstein.

Warrior (Lea Feinstein).

It was onwards to the ART SPEAKS! Lend Your Voice artist reception.  My artwork titled WOMEN was selected by Jill Moniz for the exhibit.  Ms. Moniz is a highly esteemed curator, writer, and cultural activist.  She recently curated Signifying Form at the Landing Gallery and Work Over School for the Craft and Folk Art Museum.

Arena 1 Gallery.


WOMEN, clear braille on polymer.

From the website: “Arena1 is pleased to announce the Women’s Caucus for Art 2018 national conference exhibition ART SPEAKS! Lend Your Voice.  For the exhibition, Curator Jill Moniz selected abstract and representational artworks by 62 artists from across the country with the ‘idea of developing a visual fluency of the art of speaking… The exhibit feels right and aesthetically unabridged, full of emotion, meaning and remarkable art.’”

Access is opportunity.  Art allows for freedom and wisdom.  Thanks SoCal for the love, wisdom, and everything…

ART SPEAKS! Lend Your Voice.

ART SPEAKS! Lend Your Voice. Arena1 Gallery.  Santa Monica, California.  February 22 –March 10, 2018.

Lea Feinstein: Everything and Nothing.  Keystone Gallery.  Los Angeles, California.  March 15-25, 2018.








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  1. Whoa Jenny. Thanks for the props. It was a treasure to have you here sharing my madness. And fun for me to share yours.
    Serious madness. Serious wisdom.

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