Official Star-Name-Registry Letter.

Currently there are eighty-eight Western-traditional constellations recognized by astronomers in the northern and southern hemispheres.  The number fails to acknowledge Native Americans and First Nations’ relationship to the stars.  The history of the universe and humanity extends beyond dominant and oppressive cultures.  One star at a time is a chance to rebuild.

Star-Name-Registry chart.

In my art practice, alternative perspectives and truths fascinate me.  Opinions can be sheltered, skewed, and manipulated to create new realities.  If truth is ignored, deleted, or tweeted over- than it doesn’t exist.  Does this type of propaganda and denial exist in deep space?


President Donald Trump referred to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries” during a bipartisan meeting.  His racist comments reverberated nationally and internationally provoking swift condemnation.  A star has been officially renamed SHITHOLE located in the Cancer Constellation.  Like a disease, the commemorative star date is 1/20/2017.  Marking the day democracy died in the United States of America and Trump’s inauguration.


The “Me Too” movement empowers survivors to end the culture of sexual violence.  A star has been officially renamed METOO located in the Vela constellation.  In Latin, the sails of a ship are called Vela.  The commemorative star date is 1/1/2006, acknowledging the year Tarana Burke founded the “Me Too” movement.  “Silence Breakers” must be propelled and supported free of guilt, shame, or fear.


President Donald Trump withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement, proposed offshore oil drilling, and the US Department of Agriculture banned the words “climate change.”  A star has been officially renamed CLIMATE CHANGE in the Horologium constellation.  The commemorative star date is 6/1/2017, the date Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement.  A Horologium is a pendulum clock and seconds hand.  Time is running out for Earth’s health due to the lack of leadership and ignorance.


After humans have consumed all of Earth’s resources, perhaps hope for survival is a planet near the star of SHITHOLE, METOO, or CLIMATE CHANGE.  That would be a “great” irony.  I will be long gone but the legacy continues…

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