The debate is over.  Climate change and global warming exists.  Human activity increases planet Earth’s temperature.  I’m on the side of research, facts, and scientists.  On June 1st, President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement in which numerous countries would work together to combat greenhouse gas omissions.  Recently, there’s been reports that the President “might” change his decision.  However, the world can’t wait and artists must respond.


According to Trump: “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese to order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”  The rest of the world will lead the fight to make planet Earth habitable for future generations.  Meanwhile, America will be swimming under its own ignorance and denial of science.  The Union of Concerned Scientists predicts by 2100 the high-end global average range of sea level rise could be 78 inches.

In CLIMATE CHANGE, a standard projecting directional sign has been repurposed altering its function:

A marker questions how special interests have weakened the fundamental principles of humanity.  The black braille highlights the word “MOTHER EARTH” encouraging citizens to work together to combat climate change:

A plastic plaque explores man’s role in climate change and global warming in HELP ME:

The AIR video art installation explores diverse cultures and relationships between manmade and natural environments.  Fascinated by flight or disorientation and its patterns, I merge together disparate events and experiences to create new narratives.  Lake Tahoe’s rhythmic patterns are mixed with conversation from a popular Berkeley restaurant in AIR:

Maya Angelou: “Everything costs and costs the earth.”  It’s time to start listening and supporting creative action.  MOTHER EARTH is the boss and in charge.  She’s telling humanity it’s time to change.  I’m with her…

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