Los Angeles hike.

Art once again provided the opportunity to travel to Southern California.  The vibe was cool and collected despite recent heat waves.  Saturday night was the opening of CELEBRATING OCEAN LIFE at Location 1980 in Costa Mesa.  The experience provided the evidence that art can do good.

Location 1980.

Location 1980’s mission is to support community with art studios, exhibitions, and outreach activities.  It is the type of place that I love!  From the call: “We are committed to cultivating an organic environment, in which artists can thrive, flourish, nurture their skills and share work publicly.  It is our mission to provide local and national artists a unique, positive and inspiring place to attend exhibits and / or create freely.”

Location 1980 artist Jesse Fortune.

Numerous international trips over the Pacific Ocean sparked artistic investigation into the health of our natural world.  Currently, there’s a massive global coral-bleaching epidemic caused by ocean temperatures, pollution, sunlight overexposure, and extreme low tides.  Algae are a coral’s main food source and stressed environments cause its release turning the tissues to turn white.  Plastic pollution continues to be a key-contributing factor to the decline of coral reefs.

Pacific Ocean.

Inspired and by the global bleaching epidemic, custom white-formed plastic (Cellulose Acetate Butyrate) was repurposed into art by mimicking an ecosystem threatened by extinction.  The pieces are light, airy, tough, weather-resistant, earth-friendly, and can be suspended producing unique shadow patterns from diverse perspectives.  As a result, the CELEBRATING OCEAN LIFE exhibit was the perfect home for REEF and REEF 2.


The opening was full of energy and optimism despite the perils of manmade climate change.  Resistance can take the form of artworks supportive of planet Earth.  Artists throughout the country participated in the creative discussion.  The battle continues in and outside of the studio…


CELEBRATING OCEAN LIFE will be on display at Location 1980 in Costa Mesa, California till September 28th.

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