*This is the final of three writings highlighting how art builds connections locally and internationally.  Recently Chinese curator Janet Fong and artist Qianhui De visited the San Francisco Bay Area for an art tour.  From studio visits to viewing museum collections, my home delivered…

Minnesota Street Project.
Minnesota Street Project.

Chinese curator Janet Fong, artist Qianhui De, and I visited the amazing studios of Amy Trachtenberg, Lea Feinstein, and Mari Andrews.  Part of the tour included galleries, museums, and creative spaces.  Art continues to inspire and engage.

Bovey Lee at Rena Bransten gallery.
Bovey Lee at Rena Bransten gallery.

Highlights included the Minnesota Street Project, de Young museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Berkeley Art Museum, and many others.  Venues showcased bold, innovative, intriguing, and historically significant work.  Fear and censorship were missing.

Rigo 23 at Anglim Gilbert Gallery.
Rigo 23 at Anglim Gilbert Gallery.

Located in Minnesota Street Project, Bass & Reiner Gallery featured Whitney Lynn’s After the Fall exhibit.  From the gallery’s website: “…Mining cultural and political histories to question ideas of boundaries and containment, history and restaging, context and form, Lynn’s work feels especially prescient as we brace for life under a new president, and consider historical representations and perceptions of women in this new era.”

Whitney Lynn.
Whitney Lynn at Bass & Reiner Gallery.


bit forms gallery.
bit forms gallery.

Frank Stella: A Retrospective stunned at the de Young museum.  His practice questioned and reinvented unapologetically.  It was honest and revolutionary setting a contemporary art template for future generations.



Artist Qianhui De and Frank Stella.
Artist Qianhui De.


Curator Janet Fong and I.
Curator Janet Fong.

As usual, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts delivered with Lynn Horseman Leeson: Civic Radar.  Lucía Sanromán, YBCA Director of Visual Arts: “A fearless pioneer whose performances were fueled by feminist indignation of the vulnerable position of women in American society, her work has been a harbinger of experiments in social practice, new media, interactive and net-based art decades before technology and digital culture would re-shape our experience of reality.  Based in the Bay Area for her entire career, it has taken too long to bring attention to her complex practice.”  Enough said.



Conversing with Lynn Hershman's art.
Conversing with Hershman’s art.

When art provides a new perspective about our world it triumphs.  Art must challenge society and question rules.  It must engage.  Beauty is good but it’s not enough.  The current political climate demands community locally and internationally to unite.  Avoiding discussion fails and the San Francisco Bay Area must remain fearless.  Onwards.

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