*This is the first of three writings highlighting how art builds connections locally and internationally.  Recently Chinese curator Janet Fong and artist Qianhui De visited the San Francisco Bay Area for an art tour.  From studio visits to viewing museum collections, my home delivered…


Today would be a busy and good day!  Fresh off the plane, Chinese curator Janet Fong and artist Qianhui De would soon be whisked away.  Sleep and rest would have to wait.  Art was waiting and stronger than caffeine.

First stop included the impressive artist studio of Amy Trachtenberg.  She is featured in public art collections including The San Jose Museum of Art, The Berkeley Art Museum/PFA, and numerous others.  Amy is currently working on a 4,800 custom glazed ceramic tiles public art project at the Milpitas BART station.



BART tile detail.
Tile detail.

From Trachtenberg’s website: “Grounded by a studio practice in painting and collage, my work is multi-faceted in location and scale.  Employing a wide range of tools and approaches, I scout for and incorporate cast-offs of uncertain origin.  I’m interested in shards and fragments as mirrors to memory.  The consequences of material cultural are explored between painting, collage, sculpture and design in shifting grammars of abstraction.”


Trachtenberg’s artworks reflect history in today’s urban world.  Pieces are sewn together physically and conceptually reinforcing the utopian concept of the commons.  The outside environment penetrates into patterns of familiar and foreign territories.  We left wanting and asking for more.


Janet Fong curated Botero in China: The Art of Fernando Botero at the National Museum of China and worked at the CAFA Art Museum.  She will be one of the three curators of the first Shenzhen Biennale in 2018 (presented by Shenzhen government).  Impressive is an understatement.


Qianhui De is an artist and explorer who can demystify the gallery world effortlessly.  She has exhibited in the United States and China.  For her website: “My work investigates the relationship between abstract shapes without a narrative form.  The dominant subjects of my work are water, land, mountains, and leaves.  They depict an aerial view that describes both a poetic atmosphere and naturalism.  The paintings explore the breath and fluidity of paint.”

Qianhui De and artwork at Student Showcase exhibit at the de Young musuem, 2015.
Qianhui De at the de Young musuem exhibit, 2015.

The visit for my Chinese guests started in perfection.  Fortunate can’t describe the opportunity.  The journey continues…

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