Beijing 2

*This is the second of three writings exploring a trip to Beijing and how culture defines humanity.  Community transcends a new political reality and rejects negative discourse.  Connections remain strong thanks to the power of art…

US Ambassador Residence.
Together at US Ambassador Residence.

Today the smog left and clear skies appeared in Beijing.  On the agenda today included art and more art.  No trinket shopping, Burger King burgers, or selfie pictures at top tourist destinations.  This goal of the excursion was to absorb the art scene and create memory photos.


Walking into de Sarthe gallery, the director greeted with impeccable humor and candor.  He provided a personal tour explaining how each room was tailored to the artist’s needs.  In addition, explaining concepts mixed with the reality of the gallery world.


From America to China, artist Liang Bao’s Landscape presents Mount Rushmore from our devices.  Real experiences become filtered and altered divorced from the present.  Rocks on the floor hold smartphones playing recordings.  The viewer is left asking how to define present moments, identify engagement, and suspend location.


Art opening time!  The Ambassador’s residence was filled with art and festive holiday decorations.  Official staff greeted artists, visitors, and dignitaries.  Current Ambassador and former US Senator Max Baucus provided a welcome speech.  Participating artists spoke and thanked the gracious host.




During dinner, Mr. Baucus sat down near fabulous former Academy of Art University student Qianhui De and I.  We talked life and art.  He stressed the importance of how art is the best ambassador to build friendships across borders and cultures.


Great advice for America in 2017 and beyond…

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