Art everyday.
Art everyday.

Not married to one medium, my art practice demands that a concept dictate the final form.  An idea that becomes trapped by tradition and the fear of the unknown eventually misfires during implementation.  When my capabilities aren’t enough, the only hope is to trust an “expert” and move forward.

In my life, failure has proven over and over again to be one step closer to a predicted or surprise success.

Case in point.  In early September, the company VIDA asked me to partner with them to design jewelry featuring my art.  My expertise is limited with the industry’s production and design.  Many questions raced in my mind about material, size, quality, and market.

Time to ask the experts.

Decisions had to be made.  Would my art be featured on Fashion or Fine Jewelry lines?  Would this include rings, pendants, earrings, or cuffs?  My concern was generational and what format would compliment the art best.  Had to be open to the process but true to the concept.

Once artworks were picked for design, the next natural step in the process would be to view mock-ups.  Then I requested a meeting with the New York City based jeweler Ashish Mehta.  We discussed if earrings would be dropped or studs.  In addition, the length of the necklace, metal color and type would be important.

Artwork #1.
Inspiration #1.


Artwork #2.
Inspiration #2.

Take a deep breath and time to take a leap of faith.  The details had been deliberated and finished.


Midnight, bracelet.
Midnight, bracelet.


Thrive, Pendant.
Thrive, pendant.


Axis, gold ring.
Axis, gold ring.


Axis, Silver ring.
Axis, silver ring.


Axis, pendant.
Axis, pendant.


Axis stud earrings.
Axis stud earrings.


Axis dangle earrings.
Axis dangle earrings.


The jewelry is live and ready to go on the VIDA website.  Pleased with the results and impressed by the team’s work.  It was out of my comfort zone and liked that.  That is how the creative process should be.  Compliancy leads nowhere.  Thank you art for the valuable lesson.

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