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*This is the last of five writings sharing how art can unite community.  It is essential to the well-being of our citizens by providing platforms of free expression and hope.  These attributes are worth organizing and fighting for public art programs in Richmond and beyond.  Art provides a renewed faith in humanity.



Let’s break this downPublic art is good for just so many reasons.  Support is positive and growing.  The time is now for a small financial percentage from private developments to support public art in Richmond.  Across America, public art has transformed communities socially and economically.  We can do this!




Why Richmond % for Art?

  1. Richmond % for Art enriches the entire community of all socio-economic and diverse backgrounds.
  2. Richmond % for Art partners community and business to form lasting and productive relationships.
  3. Richmond % for Art enhances environments that celebrate diversity while strengthening civic pride.
  4. Richmond % for Art promotes economic vitality and attracts business.
  5. % for Art Programs can be found in numerous San Francisco Bay Area communities with successful outcomes.
  6. % for Art Programs are common practice for developers and new business.
  7. Public art ranks higher than education and safety for civic attachment.
  8. Public art highlights Richmond’s natural environment by partnering business with residents and visitors.
  9. Public art strengthens a community economically with research showing business support.
  10. Public art is open to everyone and free requiring no charge or admission.
Create Peace mural by Ross Holzman and Izabella Tschig located in Richmond's Community Park. The artwork was funded part of the Neighborhood Public Art Mini-Grant program.
Create Peace Project mural by Ross Holzman and Izabella Tschig located in Richmond’s Community Park.  The artwork funded part of the Neighborhood Public Art Mini-Grant program.  Community created for the community.

As an artist, educator, curator, writer, and advocate, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of art locally and globally.  With recent visits to China for exhibits, tours, and symposiums, art transcends barriers and becomes a universal language.  As a Richmond Arts and Culture Commissioner and Public Arts Advisory Committee member, I observed this same phenomenon in Richmond.

Artist Jimmy Talarico.


Art helped me regain my faith in humanity.



I believe in Richmond and that public art works.  Just look to our neighbors near and far.  The evidence is clear and overwhelming.  A Richmond % for Art celebrates and supports our community.  Richmond is worth fighting for…

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