Sometimes loss can provide the path for new growth.  When a social framework fissure appears, the time is to unite community and build a bridge.  With the elimination of the Richmond Neighborhood Public Art mini-grant program, inaction felt inadequate.  Despite the naysayers, accepting the status quo seemed disrespectful to my beautiful and creative community.  Art is worth it and RAW was born.

7/3/11 Richmond, CA fireworks
Richmond fireworks.

As a Richmond resident and artist, my concern was how to organize and provide education to mobilize.  If seeking support, clarity was needed and terms to be defined.  The template is flexible but secure.  This is a start and beginning forgiving of judgment.  The first hurdle is realization.


Richmond Arts Watch


Supporting the arts through education and advocacy.


The mission of Richmond Art Works is to ensure a sustainable arts framework for the community.  Our goal is to support a diverse network that reflects Richmond’s core values.  RAW supports collaborating with political and community leaders on creating art policy through an inclusive, thoughtful, and transparent vetting process.  We encourage engagement and outreach through education and advocacy by promoting artistic growth today and for future generations.

Take your pick.

Went to Instagram, Facebook, and email asking for a collective opinion on the RAW logo design.  The response was helpful and positive!  However, my favorite choices #3 and #7 didn’t win.  Being an abstract and conceptual artist, that wasn’t a surprise to me!  That’s why asking for guidance was part of the plan.


  1. 5
  2. 1
  3. 20
  4. 3
  5. 12
  6. 6
  7. 5

The RAW logo winner is #4 and suggestions were made to add the tagline underneath.  So thanks to the community at large and here’s the final choice:






RAW was conceived on July 1st walking in downtown Oakland for the first Friday Oakland Art Murmur.  Witnessing the support of the arts and freedom of expression was inspiring.  The energy was contagious.  San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland currently have Public Art Ordinances.  Imagine what Richmond could offer.  I’ve witnessed firsthand how art has transformed the lives of the underrepresented and understand.  RAW will help guide and support.  With loss some good must happen.  Using Richmond’s motto “The City of Pride & Purpose,” let’s get this done!

The Links:






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