Panels, plastics, paints, pens, and papers…oh my!  The excitement of being an artist: driving through character building traffic for perfection and purpose.  Mindfulness and patience eluded.  San Francisco, San Leandro, Berkeley, and Oakland were part of the adventure.

Like a well-supplied art store, I like to keep my material inventory in stock and ready to go.  Inspiration and motivation can be fleeting.  Once the moment disappears, it can never be replicated.  Half hearted attempts appear fake and overreaching in aesthetic pursuits.  Preparing for the inevitable unknown is my motto.


With a hand drawn sketch of acrylic sizes and budget in mind, onwards to Tap Plastics in San Leandro!  Hand over sheet, wait for prices, and ponder order.  To stay in business, I’m keenly aware of the water bill, property taxes, and student loans.  However, if no reinvestment is made for art then why waste time.  Check and balances wins with my new order ready for creation in the next month.


Inspired by new projects incorporating paper, the reality is if I can find or am aware of the correct material needed.  Visiting Dick Blick Art Materials in Berkeley is part research mixed with reality.  All material must be archival, large-scale, and available.  Left the store empty handed but with information on new products and additional destinations to visit.  Preparation is part of art making.


Made my way to FLAX Art & Design in San Francisco.  Their paper department is organized, diverse, and spacious.  Parked, walked to the front door, and it was closed on Sunday.  Next time double check.  The local homeless man informed me that the store would be relocating to Oakland.  New condos will soon call the location home.


Over the years, various companies and makers have made my wood panels.  Some go out of business, raise prices, or life just happens.  My current panel maker has lost several employees due to personal issues or new opportunities.   A call to John Annesley Company in Healdsburg it was!  Place order, wait till ready and pickup when finish.

Research might be a hit or miss.  When it feels like no progress is being made, it is.  I’m patient and willing to do whatever it takes.  Forward often feels slow and laborsome.  Fine with me.  I’m in it for the long haul.

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