In my mind.
My mind.

Lovely, lovely, lines.  Can’t seem to get enough of them.  Every year becomes a celebration of another mark.  The ability to create mentally and physical is a gift.  Inspired by a recent trip to China, lines translate this experience when words become inadequate.


Last August, I wrote a blog entry discussing the tortuous process of researching large-scale paper and the adventure of finding precise trimming.  Both tasks consumed 6 months of preparation.  An exercise of endurance and mediation similar to the movement of rush hour traffic.

Ready for art?  Not yet.

Now with the perfect piece of Lenox paper, the wall’s surface requested prep.  Large sheets of foam core were adhered to the wall due to its slightly bumpy texture.  A line on an uneven surface loses it sharpness and intention.   This type of interruption can destroy a positive creative moment.

Once the wall was ready, it was time to hang the 60×106 inches paper.  With the help of two people and ladders, the paper was adhered to the wall with archival tape tabs and pushpins.  No marks or tiny holes allowed.


Ready for art?  Not yet.

The next day, I noticed that the paper was hung uneven on the wall.  Time to rehang and start measuring the drawing area.  Once finished, I organized reference books, sketches, pens, rulers, and erasers from extra small to large on a table.  Staged extra spotlights and a tall ladder for visual clarity.

Ready for art?  Yes!

Listening to Chinese language videos and audio recordings, the lines started to flow.  The art isn’t completed but I’m patient.  Quality takes time and that’s ok.  Linear hibernation is well worth the wait.

Phase 1.
Phase 1.


Phase 2.
Phase 2.


Phase 3.
Phase 3.

The next phase is cleaning edges, removing marks, and adding final details.   Time to stretch my arms, legs, fingers, and eyes.  They are sore and tired.  A reoccurring reminder of another day of creation.  So yes, I’m alive and ready for art.

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