3 Tres Sān

Positive energy.
With artists Wen Yu and IChin Liao.

When in China last November, a new friend shared that the forties would be one of my best decades and to love every moment.  With three exhibits in January highlighted with an upcoming 42nd Birthday, I’m trusting that advice and wisdom.  Time no longer scares.  Embracing each day with its challenge and opportunity is my motto.


Friday night was the Third Annual Juried Art Show at the Piedmont Center for the Arts.  Christina Linden, Oakland Museum of California Associate Curator of Art & Material Culture and Rachel Jans, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Assistant Curator of Painting and Sculpture were jurors.  Out of 600 artworks, only 35 submissions survived selection.

JBD.9.13.19142, Acrylic Installation, 9x14x2 inches.
JBD.9.13.19142, Acrylic, 9x14x2 inches.

At the opening, former Academy of Art University students Wen Yu and IChin Liao were in attendance.  This was my first show at the Center.  Curation and placement utilized a wire system allergic to holes in the wall.


Artist Jeff King.
Artist Jeff King.
Artist Pouke Halpern.
Artist Pouke Halpern.

Saturday afternoon was the Freshly Painted reception at HANG ART in San Francisco.  Recently, I installed Symbol (an acrylic installation) and painted Totem on the gallery’s wall.  Celebrating on the weekend positive artistic endeavors was time well spent.


A pen and ink drawing, JBD.5.14.11013, just shipped to Pence Gallery in Davis, California.  It will be featured in the Consilience of Art & Science exhibit.  American River College Astronomy/Physics professor Shih-Wen Young and glass artist Sharon Bladholm picked pieces.

JBD.5.14.11013, Pen and Ink on Paper, 10x13 inches drawing on 19x24 inches paper.
JBD.5.14.11013, Pen and Ink on Paper, 10×13 inches drawing on 19×24 inches paper.

When in graduate school many years ago, a fellow student was featured on an advertisement with the caption: “Next stop, MoMA!”  That confident predication and declaration never occurred.  After almost 15 years of exhibiting, never assume or presume the future, don’t take any opportunities for granted, and learn how to be present.

Accepting the unknown is freeing.

Ask my younger self.


Freshly Painted. HANG ART. 567 Sutter Street, San Francisco. January 2-15, 2016.

Third Annual Juried Art Show. Piedmont Center for the Arts. Piedmont, CA. January 9 – February 21, 2016.

Consilience of Art & Science. Pence Gallery. Davis, CA. January 19 – February 28, 2016.

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