Taint Mountain Resort Area (itinerary photo).
Tianmu Mountain Resort Area (itinerary photo).

In the future, I will visit China for the first time.  Entering the forties, my hope for this decade is to represent a time in which art provides different worlds and perspectives.  So far, it has.  What can be learned traveling West to visit the East?

Mississippi or China?
Mississippi or China?

My video art installation is featured in the WEST ON THE LEFT   EAST ON THE RIGHT exhibit at the 188 Contemporary Art Center in Shanghai.  In addition, I was invited to be part of the Surpass Sino-America Artists China Art Tour.  Artists unite from different cultures creating, discussing, and traveling.

The excursion begins with a Shanghai city view of Yu Garden, the Bund, XinTianDi Fashion Area following with an art opening reception.  Then the group visits Xitang, Hangzhou, and Tianmu Mountain resort for a seminar, inspiration, and creation.  Topics of discussion include how to build an Art Fair & Biennial Exhibit in Montana and comparing western China and western USA art forms.  For this geek, this is heaven!

Hangzhou Westlake Resort (From Itinerary).
Hangzhou Westlake Resort (itinerary photo).

On the way back to Shanghai, the collective plans on visiting the College of Architecture and Urban Planning Tong Ji University.  Fascinated by the investigation of manmade and natural environments, time will be spent linking the building blocks of a new world.  This is inspiration overload.

Hangzhou China Academy of Fine Art (From itinerary).
Hangzhou China Academy of Fine Art (itinerary photo).

What will be learned?  What will be seen?  What does a sunrise and sunset look like?  So many new and unknown questions.  2015 might be the year of the Sheep but it is the time of new experiences from Mississippi to Shanghai.  No sleep here.

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