Latest and alive.

Doesn’t it feel good to have something new?  The excessive need of material possessions is not part of my DNA.  My art vehicle is a mature Ford Ranger truck, still have a college TV, and old T-Shirts rock!  However, the occasional pristine and fresh change is nice and overdue.  When deciding to modernize my website, it was a big deal.  Showcasing the same format for the last 12 years, wanted the personal revolution to be worth the time and effort.

My husband and I debate and research big decisions similar to lawyers presenting a case to the Supreme Court.  We’ve used furry family members to be judge and jury.  But in this case, the decision-making had to be efficient and clear.  When presenting arguments, there was no dissent. Go for it!

The honorable Judge Tule.
The honorable Judge Tule.

For months, investigated websites from admired artists: Max Gimlett, Squeak Carnwarth, Richard Dupot, Richard Prince, and Tauba Auerbach.  Wanted a little of this and that from content organization to a minimalist feel.  A clean and elegant font was a must.  Lovably Grey, the design company, picked the font Brandon Grotesque.  In my humble opinion, it’s far from ugly and perfect.

Art speak.

In addition, easy accessibility and organized information had to be a mandatory feature.  Data is cleanly filed into tabs: HOME, ART, PROJECTS, INFORMATION, NEWS, BLOG, and CONTACT.  Overall, the website highlights almost fifteen years of an artist career.

How does one articulate time?

Recording space.

It truly wasn’t easy.  However, it was necessary and long overdue.  Happy to move from chaos to order.  Goodbye clutter and hello to fresh.  This is my best effort to share the creative journey.  Onwards!

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