The summer of 2015 has been interesting and productive.  With the beginning of the school semester, the common question arises: what did you do over “break”?  Well, how does an artist residency, producing three large acrylic sculptures, creating multiple bodies of work, and updating a website sound?  Not bad for three short and warm months.

These intense artistic endeavors provided souvenirs.  Ever hear of the phrase: skin in the game?  This sunny season left physical and permanent remnants.  Commitment into my art practice is on full display.

Let’s start with the two-week artist residency at the Sam D. Hamilton Noxubee National Wildlife Refugee in Mississippi.  Artistic revelations occurred laying in fields, wading through waters, and navigating amongst new creatures.  Upon my arrival back in California, a persistent rash lingers.  After tests, not Lyme’s disease or other common aliments.  Maybe a reaction to a new aesthetic perspective?

Brought home a surprise gift.
Brought home a surprise gift.

While creating large acrylic pieces and luscious color layers, my hands took a beating.  During a manicure, the young women with distain asked: “What do you do for a living?”  This was not going to be an easy job.  A generous tip softened the load.


Recently while trying to perfect that perfect curve, lost balance and fell into an 800-degree heat gun.  While not the most elegant moment, my record on “work related accidents” has been stellar for the last fifteen years.  This was a helpful reminder: life is not perfect but wonderfully bumpy.


My human canvas is free and boring without tattoos.  I proudly wear its scars.  They are evidence of life and creation.  My latest additions speak in irritation but provide artistic confirmation.  Skin and all.

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One thought on “Skin

  1. Whoa….. where to start! Hope that in this exact place and moment, you are free of all injuries!
    Miss and love you all.

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