Awaiting for instructions.
Awaiting instructions.

Today is going to be a busy day.  The myth of the insane and addicted artist who finds discovery and fame through an invisible greatness detector just doesn’t exist.  I’ve received numerous emails throughout the years in search of the instant stardom elixir.  Money and connections help but ultimately, it’s hard work and the ability to endure punishment that wins in the long run.

5:30 AM alarm: workout, cleanup, walk my husband and puppy, and now Thursday begins.  First on the agenda includes applying layers to in progress paintings.  Grab color buckets, pick colors, and mix accordingly.  If the perfect hue isn’t achieved: start over and repeat.


After cleaning up, have an hour to prep for classes and another to draw.  Every moment counts to meeting deadlines and keeping the creative arms in shape.  Add a few lines here, sit back, and look.  Like it or not?  Pretty good but the drawing will need more.  Ok.  Will revisit Friday afternoon.

On the agenda.
On the agenda.

Onwards to San Francisco!  Load cargo into vehicle, lock in Tule for daycare, and go.  First stop is an artwork drop off in Seacliff.  Now off to City Picture Frame to pick up trimmed paper pieces.  Visit HANG ART gallery, see new artwork, and meet cousin.  Have to be quick, need to be at the de Young museum at 5:30 pm.

Glitter frames rock.
Glitter frames rock.

Whew!  Just made it to the Showcase Advisory Meeting.  It’s a brainstorming session to set a theme, title, and description for the 20th Annual Showcase.  The museum offers local university students the opportunity to exhibit artworks at the world-class institution.  This is a wonderful and rare gift for young and future artists.  Stay tuned!

Great energy and ideas!
Great energy and ideas!

A quick stop at Trader Joes’s and now back home, head on pillow, and it’s 10:47 pm.  Tired but blessed for the opportunities and offerings.  Tomorrow whatever you bring, I promise to do my best.

Good night.

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