Lovably Everything

Information's old path.
Antique information.

Alert: about to sound old!  When starting to apply to artist opportunities, it was through the mail.  A packet of twenty slides would slowly venture into the world.  Then digital images arrived.  An ancient scanner sits in my closet that converted slides digitally.  A pile of discs hide in an office drawer.  Today a clean website is preferred and welcomed.  Oh how technology has changed everything quickly.  I look forward to the future and its change.


With my current website provider no longer offering technical advice or response, had to find a solution.  Numerous emails and calls have resulted in a quiet nothing.  Maybe an extended vacation for the last 6 months, a bankruptcy, or jail is to blame?  Not sure but time to move on.

Overall, 2015 has been the year of research and regrowth.  A new website would be the solution that is user friendly and easy to learn.  Asking someone to update a website every week can be costly.  In addition, knowledge is power.  I wanted to understand how a website works and didn’t want to rely on others.

My final decision was a company named Squarespace.  Their website templates are wonderful and elegant but still needed something more custom to fit my needs.  As a result, researched their recommended designers.  One name stood out.

My favorite color.
My favorite color.

I discovered a company named Lovably Grey.  The name reminded me of the late artist Susan O’Malley.  It was fun, quirky, smart, and effortlessly cool.  From their website: “Lovably Grey, Inc. is a New York-based creative studio focused on spreading long-lasting ideas using thoughtful, functional, and lovable design.  Founded in 2014 with the goal of making high-end design services more accessible, we’ve helped turn dozens of great ideas into beautiful realities.”

Thank you.
Thank you.

The universe had answered my call.  Currently, Lovably Grey has agreed to work on my project.  I’m surprisingly relaxed and reassured that everything is going to be ok.  Yes, it will be.  Onwards!

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