Forward creative progress can be slow and feel torturous.  This is normally a positive sign for my art practice.  Over the years, the process remains the same.  Despite the known and unknown roadblocks, the art must go on.

Six months ago, I decided that large-scale pen and ink drawings were needed in my art practice.  As a result, started to research companies that created oversized paper.  Made calls and emails from New York City to a small factory in Mississippi.  Paid and received free paper samples for testing my pens, erasing, and pencil marks.  Wanted to make sure that the paper could handle time’s abuse, wouldn’t easily tear, be archival, and have a surface that avoided smears.

If I finished this large drawing, then how would it be displayed?

Inspiration ready.

After a discussion with City Picture Frame in San Francisco, most framing materials max out at 10 feet.  In addition, some extra space would be needed for incidentals.  Not every piece of molding, plexiglass, and foamcore is perfect from start to finish.

The experts.
The experts.

My paper final choice was a Lenox 100 roll that was 60 inches by 20 yards long.  Thanks to the advice from New York Central Art Supply, this would be my best bet to avoid less stress now and into the future.  As a result, ordered it from a well-known art supply company.

When the paper arrived, it was damaged.  In fact, it took three shipments over seven weeks to send the product with minimal defect.  The third try would have to do.  After having someone cut the paper roll into pieces, the sheets seemed amiss.  When mounting one onto the wall, the rectangle appeared slightly lopsided.  The cuts were a touch uneven.

What to do?

Ready to go.

With the sheets rolled up like a large magic carpet, off to City Picture Frame to have them cut correctly.  The wait will have to be little longer.  Art and life operate on independent timelines.  As Susan O’Malley would say: “This is all part of the process.”  Yes, indeed.

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