L.A. 1

*This is the first of two writings documenting a trip down south to Los Angeles. Visiting old friends, making new ones, admiring art, and embracing its culture, L.A. delivered. Home is and can be many places…

Thinking in traffic on the way to the museum...
On my way.

Waking up early in Richmond’s fog, travels today include a Los Angeles adventure.  It had been over a year since my last visit.  I was curious what stayed the same and changed mixed with new surprises.  This would be my tenth trip to the sunny destination.

My first excursion to L.A. was a spring break vacation during my Wisconsin undergraduate years.  That was almost 20 years ago.  When thinking of that time, surprised to make it back alive.  My friends and I were oh so naïve.  There were no cell phones, GPS, or any other modern devices.  Luckily, I survived for another visit!

When we were young

First stop was the Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.  Met with former Academy of Art Student, friend, and artist: Emily Clawson.  She was part of the Factor XX exhibit at the Art Museum of Los Gatos.  Accompanying her was an artist who just finished an artist residency at Joshua Tree National Park.  Three female artists on the loose, watch out world!

Good company.
Good company.

Highlights included John Chiara at ROSEGALLERY.  His amazing photographs are taken with a unique camera and innovative production processes.  The colors and content become luminous layers of ghost like impressions of our landscape.  The work was beautiful and haunting.

John Chiara.
A closer look.
A closer look.

Hints of Pop Art could be found in Todd Gray’s work at Skidmore Contemporary Art.  Abstract expression mixed with Julie Mehretu’s layers influenced the art of Laura Fayer at Ruth Bachofner Gallery.  Katherine Rohrbacher’s floral crown politely demanded my attention at Korman Gallery.  Joe Pinkelman’s porcelain plates at TAG gallery created delicate patterns that broke from the traditional.  Overall, it was a fine aesthetic day.

Todd Gray.
Todd Gray.
Laura Fayer.
Laura Fayer.
Katherine Rohrbacher.
Joe Pinkelman.
Joe Pinkelman.

Afterwards navigated through robust traffic for dinner with my best friend.  The same individual who I had made my first L.A. trip with.  We were now older and hopefully wiser.  Oh to remember “when we were young” and today we reminisce.  Thank you City of Angels.

Jen and Jen.
Jen and Jen.

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