This is what time looks like.
Time binders.

As of today, I’ve applied and sent proposals to over 1400 opportunities.  Rejections are badges of honor representing the time spent as an artist.  Every day to create is a gift.  I’ve received fantastic opportunities while others turned out to be “character building” moments.  Regardless, the acceptance of “no thanks” has made me stronger.

One “opportunity” included paying thousand of dollars to showcase artworks in a venue that would change my career forever.  Another requested a large painting donation for an auction in exchange for a cheap bottle of Vodka.  One philanthropic organization wanted my art from a client’s home to give to them to fundraise.  It’s been interesting!

Pay to play.
Pay to play.

Following my intuition has helped when something felt unknown or uneasy.  Recently received an invitation to showcase artworks on scarves and clothes.  I was skeptical.  What’s the catch?  This type of “opportunity” has presented itself in other forms and shapes but has never worked out.

What would be different?  VIDA.

According to UPSTART Business Journal, VIDA: “…is backed by a $1.3 million round of seed funding from investors including Google Ventures, Universal Music Group, ‘The Valley Girl Show’ creator Jesse Draper (an early fan of Vida’s scarves), and others, all of which will be used for recruiting and product development.”  This sounds great but what else?

Workers who make the VIDA products in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Latin America are provided literacy training.  Umaimah Mendharo, founder and CEO, grew up in a small village in Pakistan.  Her resume includes working for Microsoft and design firm West.  A smart, creative, and globally responsible woman running a fabulous company?  I’m in!

Based on patterns of the Bay Lights on the Bay Bridge.
Mediative movement.
Based on the architectural lines of San Francisco.
Architectural lines.
Based on the seismic activity in the Bay Area.
Seismic activity.
Based on the...
Guess which pattern?

To some, it might be just pretty scarves and blouses.  In my humble and biased opinion, they are beautiful!  But to try to do good in the world using art, that means something to me.  It’s worth the leap of faith.  Not trying, being scared or cynical results in nothing.  VIDA in Spanish means life.  It’s worth engaging and giving a try…

The collection (VIDAVOICES code=20% off):

The links:


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