Moving in the right direction.
Moving in the right direction.

After many years of creation, it still feels good to get recognition.  If your profession is a mother, teacher, doctor, lawyer or whatever your passion: acknowledgment warms a soul and makes one smile.  I never take any opportunity for granted.  This philosophy has guided me through this journey called life.

Being a Richmond Arts & Culture commissioner, I look for shows that support local communities.  The Firehouse Arts Center fits that definition perfectly.  According to their website: “Theater performances, arts exhibits, classes of all kinds, all develop skills and provide memorable experiences that last lifetimes.  The Firehouse Arts Center, a beautiful work of art in and of itself, located in the heart of Pleasanton, serves as an inviting beacon, strengthening community image and sense of place.”

Arts supporter.
Arts supporter.

The juror of Firehouse’s current FRESH WORKS V exhibition, Philip Linhares, was former Chief Curator of the Oakland Museum of Art.  Spending many years in West Oakland, I’ve admired his work.  He earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from the California College of Arts and Crafts.  Linhares worked 43 years in the arts including organizing retrospectives for Joan Brown, Bruce Nauman, Leo Golub, Ruth Asawa, and Michael C. McMillen.


Paper Stroke 8, Hand Cut drafting Film by Kyong Ae Kim.
Paper Stroke 8, hand cut drafting film by Kyong Ae Kim.
Penthouse Window, Acrylic by John Trimingham.
Penthouse Window, acrylic by John Trimingham.
Artist Tatiana Salvator's Cristo Redentor.
Artist Tatiana Salvator’s Cristo Redentor.
Flight, Japanese Paper, Watercolor, Collage by Alyssa Casey.
Flight, Japanese paper, watercolor, collage by Alyssa Casey.
David Pilosof's Luminaries II.
David Pilosof’s Luminaries II.
Artist Robert Hubmerman.
Artist Robert Hubmerman’s photography.

For the last five days in San Francisco, a big fair dominates the art scene.  However, I decided to spend my time in Pleasanton.  Why?  Mr. Linhares picked JBD.3.15.41013, a pen and ink drawing, to be included in the exhibit.  It was an honor and where I needed to be.

Balisle on display.
Balisle on display.

At the opening on Saturday, my artwork won a $250 award.  Really?  I was shocked.  Pinch me.  Did this really happen?  Yes, it did.  My intention to support a local arts center provided the will to continue.  This feeling has no price or monetary value.  Thanks for adding more fuel to the creative fire.


FRESH WORKS V, May 2- June 6, 2015, Harrington Gallery, Firehouse Arts Center, 4444 Railroad Avenue, Pleasanton, CA.

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