Inside HANG ART gallery...
Inside the gallery…

How does an exhibit come to life?  For an upcoming solo show at HANG ART gallery in San Francisco, it’s a complex process starting from inspiration to installation.  It’s not about what is available or finished in the studio.  It’s about creating works that commemorate a specific moment of time.  A piece can’t be mass-produced or recreated.  Art is unique and one-of-a-kind whether loved or hated.

JBI.3.15.11287 created for the Transit exhibit.
JBI.3.15.11287, 12x8x7 inches, acrylic installation.

Once given the opportunity, a clear focus related to my current concept and motivation emerged.  The mission statement: “Transit was derived from the observation of movement patterns in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Working ambidextrously, I’m fascinated by the research of binary relationships such as the simple and complex, beautiful and grotesque, micro and macro perspectives, and natural and manmade environments.  Some works were inspired from the reflections of The Bay Lights on the water, the speed of information technology, a cluster of coastal redwood trees, the city’s skyline, and the new Eastern span of the Bay Bridge.  My goal is to capture a moment or visualize an abstract concept through the use of lines, marks, and forms.”

JBD.3.15.71013 inspired by The Bay Lights.
JBD.3.15.71013 pays tribute to The Bay Lights.

Acrylic installations and drawings will dominate the space.  The acrylic pieces range from 12x8x7 inches to a large freestanding sculpture that is 75x64x25 inches.  The sizable artwork investigates how the San Francisco skyline rises from the Pacific Ocean’s waters.  Light reflects off the surfaces of its skyscrapers showcasing shadows that change throughout the day.  JBI.3.15.1647525 recreates this experience by encouraging a sense of place and peace within an urban environment.

Filling time and space...
Filling time and space.

The drawings range from 19×24 inches to 44×60 inches framed.  One pen and ink explores how the San Francisco Bay Area rests on a series of fault lines resulting in seismic activity between the Pacific and North American plates.  I wanted to visualize the pattern of this natural occurrence.  JBD.3.15.22435 maps this movement through the use of linear repetition and aesthetic illusion.

Will JBD.3.15.22435 find a home?
Will JBD.3.15.22435 find a home?

Folded neatly in an envelope, a short writing that details inspiration accompanies each piece.  It’s the final step of a ritual before releasing the artwork into the world.  Descriptions won’t be displayed but given to its final owner if sold.  If not, the words stay with me forever.  It builds the framework for the future and beyond…

Words do matter.
Words do matter.


Transit, HANG ART Gallery, 567 Sutter Street, San Francisco, March 1-15th 2015.

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