2014: The year of the “near-win”

This is what 2015 will look like...
This is what 2015 will look like…

In Chinese culture, 2014 is the year of the horse.  For me, it’s complicated.  It was the year of almost winning a.k.a. the “near-win.”  When one comes very close to obtaining a goal and not getting it, the glass half empty or full question appears.  My answer is FULL.

Being productive as an artist is no problem for me.  Suffer no creative block.  In fact, will most likely die before completing all the projects in my head.  However, conceiving a biological baby is a different story.  After five long and agonizing years of infertility treatments, it is no longer a possibility.  In 2015, how will my family define “family”?

Protect beauty.
Protect beauty.

For the last three years, my Richmond community has worked long and hard protecting the General Plan advocating for responsible development.  I’ve watched personally how neighbors have built lasting relationships in the goal of protecting positive standards for the city we love.  It’s been quite beautiful actually.  However, a developer won an important City Council vote that will have lasting future consequences.  In 2015, how will my community define “community”?

Line extension study for Guy Place Mini Park in San Francisco.
Line extension study for the Guy Place Mini Park public art opportunity in San Francisco.

Last summer, I was given the opportunity to be finalist for a San Francisco Public Arts Commission project.  Out of the competitive pre-qualified artist pool, only three individuals were selected.  The two other artists were amazing females with extensive years of public art experience.  Spent countless hours researching, creating, organizing, and prepping for the big presentation.  This is what I love and live for in my art practice!  However, I lost by only one point.  It was an honor and the experience was transformative.  My feedback was to keep doing what I was doing, there was nothing else that could have done, and it will happen eventually.  In 2015, how will “opportunity” be defined?

This is home.
Right on target almost.

On the last day of my Composition for Art class at the Academy of Art University, I shared art historian Sarah Lewis’ TED Talks where she discusses the “near-win.”  From the website: “Studies on Olympic athletes reveal the motivating power of the near-win, she says.  While a bronze medalist often feels lucky to have made the podium at all, the silver medalist has a special fire because they didn’t win—but came so close.  Lewis says it’s these silver medalists whose focus stays fixed on the next competition.”

What is a “near-win”?  I learned that family can extend through community and that opportunity is everywhere.  2015 is the year of the sheep.  Baa!  To me, it will be a time of new and open possibilities.  Sarah Lewis: “Success motivates us, but a near-win can compel us in an ongoing quest.”  Yes indeed.  The pursuit is the focus.  The goal will follow.








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