West Coast Capital

Drought of art at the capital?
Drought of art at the capital?

Before the busy fall semester begins, made a road trip north to check out the art scene in Sacramento.  Would California’s state capital deliver?  Yes and no.  My work has been featured in group exhibits before in the area but wanted to see what has changed and stayed the same.

Researching places to stop in advance was interesting.  I couldn’t find “professional” looking maps online that detailed the locations of galleries.  Found only a few that peaked my interest and used that research as a reference point.  In addition, contacted Andrew Rogers (artist extraordinaire living in Sacramento) for his expert advice.  Morphed both lists together to let the adventure unfold.

It was hot, humid, and partly cloudy.  The weather would forecast the day.

Wanted to experience lots of art but it was a challenge.  Verge Center for the Arts and Jay Jay galleries were closed prepping for future installations while the Center for Contemporary Art was out of business.  In addition, waited outside of Alex Bult Galley but no showed up to open the doors.  Is this a sign of the “improving” economy?

Verge Center for the Arts closed.
Jay Jay.
Jay Jay closed.
Center for Contemporary Art closed.
Center for Contemporary Art closed forever.
Alex Bult Gallery closed.
Alex Bult Gallery closed.

Just when I thought all hope was lost, two galleries became beacons in a sea of despair.  b. sakata garo gallery was my favorite in terms of art and atmosphere.  The gallery owner (namesake) graciously talked to me for almost 30 minutes.  He shared stories about famous artist William T. Wiley and described his life as an art dealer.  It was unique and wonderful that Mr. Garo shared his time authentically with a stranger like myself.

Great art.
Sarah Haba drawing at b. sakato gallery.
Great art.
Haba continued in paint…
Stair sculpture at gallery.
Stair sculpture at the gallery.

Delta Workshop gallery was a quirky and wonderful space.  Inventory of works is limited but each piece is thoughtfully picked and displayed.  The gallery is an art center that offers classes and sells creative goods from the community.  The young woman working was friendly and attentive.  The gallery made me feel at home.

Delta gallery rocks.
Delta gallery rocks.

Overall, it’s quality over quantity.  A sentiment often told to my students and it was now time to follow that advice.  Despite the disappointments, two positive experiences occurred.  That is what matters.  Didn’t leave empty but enriched by the day’s events.  Sacramento delivered what I was willing to accept.

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