Knowing the Unknown


I don’t know many things.  Don’t even try to pretend.  Have no clue how many of my artworks have been created and where they all reside.  Since becoming a fulltime artist in 2001, unknowns become business as usual.  Trying to find answers to everything would be a large task and overwhelming.  As a result, I prefer a positive life balance.

Got art?
Got art?

When first starting out, the need to know the location of my artworks was a priority.  However, not all galleries share that information.  In fact, only a few venues provide contact information of a client when an artwork sells.  Most galleries don’t share in fear of artist spam or to avoid sales made without their knowledge.  As a result, holes exist in my inventory list.

Before image of Heart.
Missing artwork.

It becomes a challenge when a venue or opportunity wants to know the collections my art can be found.  The answer is incomplete.  By accident, I’ve encountered my work in public spaces and places not knowing how it got there.  Sometimes artworks are displayed in the incorrect orientation (upside down), have witnessed strangers touching the painting’s surface, or vandalism on my public art heart sculpture.

Don't touch.
Don’t touch.

I have no control!

Once the art has left, it’s in the world’s hands.

Knowing that unknowns exist is the gift of knowledge and power.  However, accepting this notion isn’t easy.  My response is to do the very best natural abilities allow. Sometimes that falls short and other times it succeeds.  Knowing to move forward is key…

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