Imagine what can be here at Guy Place Mini Park.
Imagine what will be here at Guy Place Mini Park.

The last three weeks has included intense research, formulating ideas, and creating sketches for the Guy Place Mini Park public art proposal.   This heightened level of work reminds me of the time preparing and prepping for the de Young Museum artist-in-residency last September.   I want to make sure that there will be no regrets and that everything was done possible to make the best design possible.

Being new to the “finalist” status process, my learning curve has been high.  However, I love the challenge.  It makes me a better artist, educator, writer, and advocate.  The San Francisco Arts Commission is streamlined and well-organized.  Every question has been answered with a positive and helpful attitude.  While other public art programs in the United States are barely surviving, this San Francisco program is the crème de la crème.

Once aware of the project, the research began.  This is normal for my art practice.  However, the design must respect and reflect the feel of the community.  As a result, made many trips to the area at different times of the day to see how the light filters throughout the neighborhood.  In addition, investigated the history and colorful past of its people.

Then the sketches started from small scratches in a book to large, clean, and meticulous finished drawings.  Finding patterns is my forte and the Rincon Hill neighborhood in which Guy Place Mini Park will reside is full of inspiration.  Here are some possible ideas for the front fence design:

Option #1.
Option #1.
Option #2
Option #2.
Option #3.
Option #3.


Option #4
Option #4.
Option #5
Option #5.
Option #6
Option #6.

Once a design is picked, a rendering will be created placing it in the context of the space.  A proposal narrative board is needed detailing the inspiration and explaining the proposed artwork.  That board will be displayed for the public and presented in early August to the commission.  They will listen to three different artist presentations, deliberate, and make their final selection/recommendation.

No matter the outcome and results, it’s an honor to be picked and I gave it my best.  That is what really counts.  My hope is that this opportunity opens the doors to new “challenges” and engages different modes of thinking.  That sounds like a good plan to me!

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  1. All of them are unique and beautiful but my favorite is option 3. It appeals to my need for orderliness in this crazy world.

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