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Facing West…

Over 900 entries were received for the Sanchez Art Center’s Left Coast Annual Juried Exhibition. The juror Jenny Gheith, SFMOMA assistant curator of painting and sculpture, picked 47 pieces for view.  This is an annual exhibit that supports a wonderful local organization.  Fortunately, one of my acrylic installation pieces made the final selection.

On Sunday April 13th, there was a juror talk and awards presentation.  As a result, my husband, 6-month-old puppy, and I made the short trip to Pacifica, California.  It was a perfect spring day to hear an interesting art talk and take Tule to the ocean for the first time.

Unfortunately, arrived 15 minutes tardy for the talk.  I witnessed a vehicle driven by an elderly man hit a woman crossing the street at the Eureka Square Shopping Center in Pacifica.  My husband had gone into Dinosaurs Vietnamese Sandwiches to order lunch while I was standing outside.  After seeing the incident ran across the street to make sure that the man wasn’t going to flee and if the woman was alive.  She was breathing but had no feeling in her legs.  The police, fireman, and ambulance arrived.  Shortly afterwards, made a statement and gave authorities my contact information.

Jenny Gheith, SFMOMA assistant curator of painting and sculpture.
Jenny Gheith, SFMOMA assistant curator of painting and sculpture.

To be honest, didn’t know if I was in the mood for anything after witnessing the accident.  However, had made the journey and didn’t want to waste time.  When arriving, Jenny Gheith has just started discussing the reasoning behind her choices.  She was a blind juror with no access to artist statements or information when viewing the images via a computer screen.  Gheith: “I picked pieces I selfishly wanted to see in person.”

After the juror’s talk, four awards were presented: two of merit and two of exhibition opportunity.  Then a surprising announcement!  All juried artists in the audience were asked to stand in front of their pieces and share concepts.  This was unplanned and interesting.  So happy I brushed my teeth and hair earlier (eye roll).  Didn’t expect to converse about my work.  But today was going to be an adventure.  Overall, it was interesting to hear the diverse motivation behind the artist’s work from the ten commandments, the Vietnam War, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Midwest thunderstorms, global warming, the Pacific Ocean, items around the house, IKEA bookshelves, nothing, and much more.

Highlights from the exhibit:

Jan Hanway’s Dancing in Jackson Square from Pacifica, CA.
Jenny E. Balisle’s JBI.9.13.19142, acrylic installation.
Anna Valdez’s We Like This Poetry and Music from San Rafael, CA.

I learned much from that Sunday: slow down and enjoy every opportunity planned or unplanned.  It is cliché but life is too short.  As a follow-up, I called the Police department to check the status of the accident victim.  They weren’t allowed to share any information.  However, more artist talks and trips to the ocean with my puppy are planned.  What about you?

See you soon
See you soon.

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