Inventory Pick

What will be on display this month?
What will be on display this month?

When San Francisco’s Hang Art asked me to explore the gallery and select artists for an exhibition, I was up for the challenge.  According to its mission: “Inventory Pick invites Hang Art artists to explore the inventory and create dialogues with their favorite artists and artworks.  Each month, Hang Art will select one artist to peruse our inventory and gather a coveted collection.  From the collection, Hang Art will curate and install a show in the exhibition space for the second half of the month and feature it online.  We are interested to learn which Hang Art artists and works are grabbing your attention, whether it is in correlation to your own work, your personal interests, or just because.”

How would my final picks be made?  After research and deliberation, a pattern emerged.  There had to be a set criteria: limit the artists to seven, be gendered balanced, demonstrate a masterful art practice, display an intellectual curiosity, and engage in a multi-faceted career.  I wanted to showcase individuals that have dedicated their lives to art on the canvas and beyond.

In addition, March is National Women’s History Month and being a female artist, I’ve encountered the challenges of sexism.  HANG ART gallery is the exception to gender equality for representation.  In fact, 23 of their 36 artists are females representing almost 65% of their roster.  In respect and gratitude, my selections reflect the philosophy that quality art does not favor one sex over the other.

The featured Inventory Pick artists inform their practice outside the studio walls.  Carolyn Meyer is director of the Graduate School of Fine Art-Painting at the Academy of Art University.  Jeff Loehmann works for Autodesk with cutting edge CNC machinery, laser cutters, and 3D printers.  Lisa Kairos teaches at Wax Works West in Santa Cruz County and volunteers at her local high school providing encaustic demos.  Piero Spadaro is director and owner at HANG ART gallery.  Rachel Sager helped open the first west coast branch of School of Rock in San Francisco.  Phillip Hua is an Academy of Art University teacher and founder of AHA (Artists Helping Artists).  Erin Mitchell participates in active community outreach through Norton Factory Studios in Oakland while employed as a graphic designer/illustrator for Whole Foods.

Miss Carolyn Meyer will be featured...
Miss Carolyn Meyer will be featured…

Inventory Pick highlights more than just artworks but extraordinary citizens of our community.  The exposure of additional activities such as advocacy, education, and creative professions highlights an aesthetic commonality evidenced in the mark’s quality.  My thanks to HANG ART for allowing the opportunity to reaffirm and be hopeful for the future of the arts.

Artist talk is Sunday March 23 from 2-3:00 pm and the exhibit dates are March 16-31, 2014.

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