This is what forty looks like...
This is what forty “looks” like.

On January 17th, I turned 40 and shared my birthday with Betty White, Michelle Obama, Mohammad Ali, James Earl Jones, Eartha Kitt, Anne Bronte, Kid Rock, Al Capone, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Benjamin Franklin.  That would have been an interesting dinner and conversation if possible.  However, it made me wonder.  Are numbers a “big” deal?  Yes and no.

A few interesting facts about 40:

1. Fahrenheit and Celsius scales match at -40.

2. It is the atomic number of zirconium and according to WebElements: “Zirconium is found in S-type stars, and has been identified in the sun and meteorites.”  Good to know just in case a visit to a star occurs (eye roll).

3.  Forty Days and Forty Nights is one of my favorite blues songs by Muddy Waters.

4. The Rule of Three = 1+3+9+27

5.  Baseball has a 40-man roster.  Another reason it’s my favorite sport (Sorry 49ers and Packer fans).

No need for a 40 puppy roster.
No need for a 40-puppy roster.

Speaking of numbers, forty is a milestone.  Of my time on this planet, I’ve spent 22.5 years in school from kindergarten to graduate.   56% of my life has participated in education not counting the time teaching (that’s 74%).   I’ve sent out 1,350 art submissions and lost count of how many pieces have been created.  Hope that softens the artist myth of boozing it up and irresponsibility.  This lady has been busy.

Rejection letter binders representing the first forty years...
Rejection letter binders representing the first forty years…

Overall, I’m grateful to have another day on planet Earth to create.  Don’t know the big plan or try to understand.  What I know is today’s reality and battle.  Benjamin Franklin: “At twenty years of age the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgment.”  If forty means being the critic of one’s life, I’ll take it.  Instead of standing on the sidelines, participation is the best bet.

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