Tule, a part of my year in review.
Tule, a part of my year in review.

If an informal survey asked people what were the top stories nationally or personally, the responses would be diverse and not always predictable.  Every year has its ups and downs.  With some periods of time ranging from challenging to exciting.  With social media sites and technology tracking our trends, does a computer know us better than we know ourselves?

Facebook now has a “personal” Year in Review feature.  Well, I don’t want my life tabulated and charted by a third party that decides what’s important.  That’s weird, creepy, and strange.  According to The Huffington Post: “Facebook released its annual Year in Review list highlighting the site’s biggest viral trends, check-ins, and things people couldn’t stop talking about in 2013.  But to make things a little more personal, the social media network also rounded up 20 of your top moments of the year.  New babies, new jobs or just your well-deserved vacation, the social media network has collected some of your top Facebook status updates (we assume depending on likes), best (and unfortunately sometimes worst) tagged photos and even some of the funny wall posts you may have forgotten about.”

Are Facebook posts a true reflection of a user’s life?

When I look back at 2013, it was an interesting year beyond personal events.  Stories that summed up the last 365 days in no particular order include the Moore Oklahoma tornado, Paula Deen’s racist words, oldest primate discovered, Pope Francis, life could have existed on Mars, Syria Civil War, climate change acceleration, Washington Navy Yard shootings, George Zimmerman trial, James Gandolfini’s death, Boston marathon bombing, Obamacare, meteor over Russia, Supreme Court decision in support for gay marriage, expansion of the universe, Edward Snowden leaks, Nelson Mandela’s death, divided/dysfunctional government, Miley Cyrus twerking performance, Typhoon Haiyan’s destructive path over the Philippinesand many more.  What was the top story according to an Associated Press poll?  The Obama health care overhaul.

What was the top story of your life?

The sunset south of San Francisco...
Facebook can’t find me here.

Overall, a social media site doesn’t need to be the primary reminder of our existence on planet Earth.  I like to take “memory photos” to remember important events instead of hiding behind a computer screen or device.  Tactile and tangible instead of technical sounds like a good plan.  I want 2013 and beyond to be experienced independently without the aide of Facebook or a corporation.  A year in review includes personal reflection and the power to control our top stories.  That sounds like “real” news to me.

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