Up North

Colors so real they appear fake.
Colors so real they appear fake.

Made the journey up to Portland for the first time since moving out to California.  Drove 4 hours to Dunsmuir and stayed the night to avoid any issues with possible bad weather over mountain passes.  Luckily, no chains were needed the next day for the adventure.  Driving past Mount Shasta, clouds hugged the volcano at 14,179 feet.

At the top of the world almost.
At the top of the world almost.

First stop on the trip was the Grants Pass Museum of Art.  They have expressed possible interest in exhibiting my art in the past before the economic collapse in 2008.  Unfortunately, they were closed but had a chance to peak through the windows and visit Gallery One featuring artworks by local creatives.

Small but effective.
Small but effective.

Onwards onto Interstate 5 is the beautiful city of Eugene, Oregon.  From July 18th– August 29t 2014, I’ll be exhibiting at the Maude Kerns Art Center named after a dynamic and amazing female who conquered sexism to be an artist.  Established in 1950, it’s the oldest standing church in its county.  The center offers classes for children to adults, camps, exhibitions, and community outreach programs.  Took photos of the architecture and surroundings to create artworks tailored for the exhibit.  Currently on display is the ART FOR ALL SEASONS exhibit and these two works stood out:

Haunting image
Two Women in Turkey by Carmen Bayley.
Solid clay piece by the artist Hansen.

After arriving in Portland, wanted to experience the culture of the area.  Friends have told me the city was similar to Berkeley.  After watching the television show Portlandia was curious if the parody had any truthful merit to its namesake.  The city is independently unique and a visit including the Portland Art Museum proves the point.  Here are highlights:

Portland is wonderful just the way it is...
Portland is wonderful just the way it is…
Gravity doesn't win in
Gravity doesn’t win in PMU #25 by Roxy Paine.
A lovely painting
A divine triangle by Robert Goodnough called Grey Development.
An amazing Native American art collection awaits visitors.
An amazing Native American art collection awaits visitors.

This piece captivated at bullseye gallery near the Museum:

Standing by itself in a small dark room
Standing by itself in a small dark room is Finally, Direction by Chick Butcher.

Part of the trip included an important stop at Minnoggie Kennels located on Sauvie Island to pick up a new studio mate and family member.  With the loss of my golden retriever Trout last August, it’s been unbearable not having a partner in artistic crime.  Meet Tule:


This upcoming holiday represents the ending of the old and beginning of new traditions.  Here’s to many more adventures in 2014 that inspire, engage, and set a positive path.  May all have a happy, peaceful, and creative new year!

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